Triple-digit temperatures are the norm in Tolleson, Arizona during the summer, There’s rarely a hot summer day when the mercury reads less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit and when functional air conditioning isn’t absolutely essential. Whether you’re new to the area or have new cooling equipment, you might be wondering just how long your air conditioner can run non-stop. Read on to find out.

Your Air Conditioner Can Run All Day, Every Day

Modern air conditioners are built to run all of the time throughout the hot season. There’s no harm in setting your AC to “AUTO” at the thermostat so that your home can stay reasonably cool all day long. It’s easier on not just your air conditioner but also pets and people if homes are kept at consistently moderate temperatures rather than allowing them to overheat.

Addressing Energy Concerns

The vast majority of the energy that your air conditioner uses comes from compressor activity. In fact, air conditioner compressors are responsible for about 90% to 95% of AC energy use.

This is the component that compresses refrigerant for heat transfer and thus, it drives the cooling process. When your air conditioner is on, the compressor only kicks into action when your indoor temperature rises above the thermostat setting. Even with a brand-new air conditioner, you should hear a gentle humming when the compressor is doing its job. On exceedingly hot days, your compressor might run nearly non-stop from mid-morning to late evening. However, even when it does, this component will get a break during the cooler nighttime hours.

Choosing the Right Size Air Conditioner

We only offer and install residential cooling equipment that can withstand the challenges and demands of Arizona summers. If your AC compressor runs all of the time, even on cooler evenings, it may be that your air conditioner is too small.

Finding the right AC model for your intended service area is about far more than calculating your home’s square footage. The Manual J Load Calculations used by HVAC professionals account for ceiling heights, insulation types and amounts, the number of windows present, how many residents are in the building, and many other factors. If you selected and installed your own air conditioner or it was installed by an inexperienced or unethical company, your AC compressor could be working overtime.

Limiting Compressor Stress During Summer

If your air conditioner is large enough and powerful enough to meet your home’s cooling needs, the best way to limit compressor stress is by minimizing heat gains. In a hot region like Tolleson, home envelopes can help. Make sure that your home is properly insulated and that there are no air leaks around your windows and doors or in general building materials. Pay careful attention to your HVAC air ducts too. Torn or otherwise leaky ducts could be depositing cooled air behind your drywall. If they are, your AC compressor will work harder and longer than necessary, and your air conditioner will wear down a lot quicker.

Invest in high-quality, light-blocking window treatments and use them effectively. Close your curtains and blinds during midday heat to prevent solar heat gains. You should also limit indoor cooking during the summer months and avoid using other heat-generating appliances.

It’s also a good idea to keep your outside condenser/compressor unit in a shaded area. Having direct sunlight beaming down on your AC condenser will make it work harder, expedite wear and tear, and increase the likelihood of overheating.

Practicing Good AC Maintenance

Tolleson’s average spring temperatures tend to be in the mid-80s. Thus, many residents use their AC during the spring as well as the summer. The best time to have your air conditioner professionally tuned up is in late winter. When the mercury starts climbing at winter’s end, your AC will be ready to handle non-stop demand until the temperatures drop again in the winter.

Although general recommendations suggest checking your AC air filter about once a month, you should check yours once every two to three weeks. Constant AC use subjects these components to a higher volume of particulate matter and creates the need for more frequent filter changes. Keeping a fresh filter in your air conditioner will limit stress on your cooling system and reduce the likelihood of overheating.

We’re here to help residents of Tolleson, AZ stay cool, comfortable, and safe during the sweltering summer months. We offer heat pump,air conditioner, and heater installation, maintenance, and repair services. We also offer HVAC ductwork and home automation solutions. To schedule service for your air conditioner, contact El Indio AC now!

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