February 14

Arizona Homeowner’s Guide to Efficient Ductwork

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HVAC services and installation
January 11

6 Most Common Heating System Warning Signs

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December 12

Two-Stage Furnaces Explained: How to Know Which Furnace Option Is Best

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Furnace Services in Tolleson, AZ
November 16

Why You May Need to Bleed Your Furnace

Having an oil-fired furnace in your Tolleson, AZ home greatly reduces the risk of heating emergencies. Although it isn’t ideal, you can always use diesel… View Article Read More

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October 19

Will a Heat Pump Work in Cold Weather?

Winter temperatures in Tolleson, AZ, can drop to the low 40s. At these temperatures, most homeowners rely on their HVAC system to keep their homes… View Article Read More

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September 14

Common Causes Behind Loud Furnace Noises

Testing your furnace in the fall can help you identify potential problems that may impact your heating once frigid temperatures arrive. For example, after months… View Article Read More

Homeowner Examining HVAC unit before HVAC Maintenance in Tolleson, AZ
August 9

The Function of the Reset Button on Your HVAC Unit

The reset button is a small component that plays a crucial role in the operation of HVAC units. Before attempting to use the reset button,… View Article Read More

HVAC Technician Performing AC Repair in Tolleson, AZ
July 14

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner May Lose Refrigerant

A functioning air conditioning unit during the hot Arizona summers is a must. If your air conditioner loses refrigerant, it can cause severe problems in… View Article Read More

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June 13

Reasons for Short Cycling in Your Heat Pump

Short cycling refers to a situation in which the heat pump turns on and off rapidly, running for short periods before shutting down again. This… View Article Read More

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May 9

How Long Can An Air Conditioner Run Non-Stop?

Triple-digit temperatures are the norm in Tolleson, Arizona during the summer, There’s rarely a hot summer day when the mercury reads less than 100 degrees… View Article Read More