The Phoenix Metropolitan area uses a lot of air conditioning. Arizona often experiences some of the hottest summers in the United States, and it is not unusual for average high temperatures in the West Valley to reach 100° Fahrenheit over many weeks. This necessitates extensive cooling to keep living spaces comfortable. During our mild and wet winters, temperatures rarely dip close to or below the freezing point; however, some form of heating is often necessary during the cooler months. This translates into year-round HVAC use, which accelerates degradation.

Because of this, HVAC units in this region are susceptible to wear. When that happens, some parts are more commonly replaced than others, depending on the type of HVAC system you have. Before we go into greater detail about these five parts, it is important to mention that the two types of HVAC that are most likely to be found in West Valley homes are split AC systems with gas furnaces or heat pumps.

Air Filters

These are essential for maintaining good indoor air quality and protecting internal components. In a dusty environment like Arizona, frequent air filter changes are common. Air filter replacement is something that is included in the annual service. However, between service appointments, it is also something that is easy for a homeowner to do themselves. Keep in mind that you should not upgrade the filtration level of your air intake filter without consulting with an HVAC professional. Tighter mesh can catch smaller particles, but it also requires additional power to pull air through the material. If your air conditioner fan motor is not rated for this, it will cause premature wear.


HVAC systems are governed and controlled by the temperature settings in thermostats. These parts are designed to function for the entire life span of the HVAC system, but many homeowners are upgrading to smart thermostats. Smart thermostat replacements can increase the efficiency of your air conditioner significantly by learning your home habits and adjusting your indoor environment based on this information.


When an air conditioner is running inefficiently, the fan is the part that is most likely to run excessively and wear out prematurely. This is true whether there is a clogged intake that requires more force to pull air into the system or your home takes a long time to reach your desired temperature and stay there. Fan motors are a common replacement item, and changing one out requires the help of a professional.


These are crucial electrical parts of your HVAC system. Just like other electrical components, they will wear out over time under the strain of heavy usage during Arizona’s blazing summers. When contactors are worn-out, they might not make a good connection, thus preventing your system from turning on or off properly. Contactors function similarly to switches. They send electrical current to start and stop the system’s motors and compressor.


These small parts are sophisticated electrical components that capture energy. They store and release sufficient electrical current to get the motors and compressor going. Capacitors will wear out over time. Some of the signs that let you know they are beginning to fail include strange noises and reduced cooling.

Repair vs. Replacement

While many HVAC parts can theoretically be repaired, this is not always the most economical move in the long term. If your air conditioner is reaching the end of its life span, then fixing a component may still require purchasing a new system within a year or two. Before deciding whether to repair a component or choose a new unit, work with your local HVAC company. Our experts at El Indio AC can talk to you about the different options and comparative costs. They can also help you factor in any savings on utility costs due to upgrades in energy efficiency if you decide to replace your air conditioner.

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