Short cycling refers to a situation in which the heat pump turns on and off rapidly, running for short periods before shutting down again. This can be a frustrating problem since it affects the heat pump’s efficiency, causing the unit to strain to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. Short cycling can occur in gas and electric heat pumps but far less often with electric heat pumps. It is usually caused by inadequate ventilation. In radiant systems, short cycling can appear as a rapid change in temperature across different rooms. If this problem is not promptly resolved, it can lead to premature heat pump failure.

The best way to troubleshoot this issue is to have an HVAC technician diagnose the part of the heat pump that is causing the problem and have them correct the issue before it festers and becomes more costly. Here are several reasons why your heat pump may be short cycling.

Incorrect Sizing

One of the primary causes of short cycling is an improperly sized heat pump. When a heat pump is undersized, it struggles to meet the heating and cooling demands of the intended space. As a result, the heat pump may reach the desired temperature quickly, causing it to turn off prematurely. This leads to frequent and rapid on-off cycles, which puts unnecessary strain on the heat pump’s components.

On the other hand, if a heat pump is oversized for the space it is intended to heat or cool, it will end up cooling or heating the space rapidly and then shut down before it can adequately dehumidify the air. This triggers the thermostat to call for cooling again in a short period. The constant cycling between cooling and dehumidification modes eventually results in heat pump inefficiency, increased wear and tear on the system, and higher energy consumption.

Thermostat Issues

Another potential reason your heat pump may be short cycling is an improperly calibrated thermostat. If the thermostat is not accurately sensing the temperature in your house, it may cause the heat pump to turn on and off too frequently, leading to short cycling. This can occur if the thermostat is placed in an area with drafts or direct sunlight, affecting its temperature readings. In such cases, the thermostat may sense that the desired temperature has been reached when it has not, causing it to turn off the heat pump prematurely.

Additionally, if the thermostat’s sensor is malfunctioning or its wiring is damaged, it can send incorrect signals to the heat pump. For instance, suppose the sensor is faulty and consistently reads higher temperatures than the ambient temperature. In this case, the thermostat may cause the heat pump to turn off erroneously, forcing the heat pump to short cycle. Similarly, if the wiring connecting the thermostat and the heat pump is damaged, it can lead to intermittent signals or miscommunication, causing the system to cycle on and off rapidly.

Restricted Airflow

Issues like clogged or dirty air filters, blocked vents or registers, or obstructed outdoor unit coils can impede proper airflow in the heat pump. This consequently disrupts the proper functioning of the heat pump.

Heat pumps rely on a balanced flow of air to transfer heat effectively. However, when the proper flow of air is restricted, the heat exchanger becomes overheated. This causes the system to shut off prematurely as a protective mechanism, resulting in short cycling.

Faulty Compressor

The compressor is responsible for regulating refrigerant levels in the heat pump, thus ensuring efficient regulation of temperatures in your home. If the compressor is not functioning correctly, it may result in refrigerant loss. As a result, the heat pump has to work harder to provide adequate cooling to your house. This causes undue stress on your heat pump’s components, which eventually causes the heat pump to turn on and off prematurely.

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